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XOOT's List of The Best Professional Tablets

XOOT Cintiq Stand Alternative is made for Professional on screen drawing tablet so we have gathered a list of what we think are the some of the best tablets for professional Digital Artists.  (This cut out solutions like, Wacom Intuos, One by Wacom, HUION INSPIROY and XP-PEN Deco 01).  The point of our list is not an exhaustive specification comparison, we breeze through some specs. and leave most out entirely.  It’s more focused on balance of the screen’s overall quality and the drawing experience.

Note: Wacom sits at the top three spots in our list.  They are the undisputed leaders in this space.  A first class product with first class customer support but you’ll pay a first class price

Wacom Cintiq Pro 32"

This is the Big Boy of all drawing tablets. The Wacom Cintiq PRO 32 is a professional tablet that is compatible with Windows and Mac has 4k resolution and 98%  Adobe RGB coverage.  It uses the best in class Wacom Pro Pen 2.  The large screen is a big canvas and expect to use your whole upper body when drawing, including elbows and shoulders. The screen surface is textured slightly rougher than the smaller Cintiq Pro 24, this gives a more stylus drag that feels like drawing on paper, on the down side it wears down nibs like chalk on asphalt faster than the Cintiq Pro 24. If you want a digital art experience to be the least bounded by physical restrictions, get the Big Boy. The 32″, with touch, retails for US$3299.95.


XOOT System Design:

The Cintiq Pro 32 is high end benchmark used for our testing.  If we can keep this screen big screen easy to move and steady when floating in the air for your drawing experience.  We know that all the other smaller screens will be even more stable.
You can watch Aaron Rutten’s video about the XOOT system using this screen and sign-up to XOOT’s newsletter for more updates. 

Wacom Cintiq PRO 24

The Wacom Cintiq PRO 24 is the smaller sibling of the 32″.  Other than it’s smaller screen, it’s a close spec. match to its big bother (4k resolution, 99% Abode  RGB coverage, bla bla bla…, It’s a damn good screen).  Size isn’t everything,  24″ is plenty big enough for all your drawing needs.

When you look at the average person’s ergonomic reach zones, a screen as large as a Cintiq 32 may have much of its surface outside the “repetitive reach” zone. ( Depending on how flat a screen is with the desktop).  Whereas, a 24″ screen is better sized be always in a comfortable work zone.

Illustration Credit: OSHA

The Wacom 24″ is available in both touch screen and pen mode and retails for US$1999.95 and US$2499.90

XOOT System Design:

The Cintiq Pro 24 is by far the most requested screen Kit for the XOOT system (over 50% of current requests).

Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD

The Wacom Cintiq 27″ QHD has been recently discontinued.  The 27 QHD is compatible with both Windows and Mac, a 97% Abode RGB and has a resolution of QHD 2560 X 1440.  It stylus has only 2048 pressure levels compared to the newer pens having 8192 levels.  This was Wacom’s flagship screen for years.  With the release of the new 4K resolution Cintiq Pros it’s fallen out of favor.  It’s big comfortable screen with the added benefit of being quiet, (there is no internal fan).  You can still buy the Cintiq 27 while stock remains online.

XOOT System Design:

XOOT System Kits for the Cintiq 27 QHD will be available for purchase soon.  There are a lot of these screens out there and it rivals top two choices in terms of digital drawing experience.

Dell Canvas 27"

The Dell Canvas 27 is a close spec. match to the Wacom 27 QHD and has some advantages over the Cintiq.  It has 100% Adobe RGB coverage, It’s thinner, runs cooler, and has a funky totem dial that comes with it.  There are three reasons why we did not placing it above the Cintiq 27:

  • It’s only compatible with Windows.
  • It does not come with an equivalent to a Cintiq Express Key Remote. 
  • Dell discontinued the Vesa mounting bracket for this screen.

Here’s a big bonus… Dell has dropped the price to a SUPPER deal at: US$1,149.00

XOOT System Design:

The XOOT system had a kit to support the Dell Canvas 27 but… Dell stopped making the vesa bracket adaptor for it.  Making our own bracket is not simple because of Dell’s mounting design.  Right now making a XOOT Kit for this screen does not make financial sense because of low demand.  Hopefully this will change…

Huion Kamvas Pro 24 and the XP Pen Artist 24

Two brand new 24″ QHD screens from value brand competitors have been released.  It’s clear both Huion and XP Pen are making inroads against Wacom’s dominance of the high end market.  The Cintiq Pro 24 has better screen resolution, color accuracy, proven durability, and much more… but lower price point of $899 for these new screens will make them tempting for many artists…

XOOT System Design:

We plan on producing XOOT system Kits for both these screens soon based on customer demand!