How do I use my discount coupon?

Our coupon system is email-restricted, so you won’t be able to apply your coupon until the checkout step. Please complete your email information in the checkout form. Follow the steps in the video below to successfully apply your coupon:

If you have further questions please contact us at

For displays that connect through USB-C, do you provide a video capable USB-C cable?


Here’s the long answer:

We do not include a USB C DisplayPort capable cable because the maximum length is limited to “Cable length should be 2.0 m or less for Gen 1 and 1.0 m or less for Gen 2.”     This would only leave about 0.6m (2ft) of cable sticking out of the back of the XOOT_Pro arm.  That is not enough slack for most customers.



We include a 3m (9ft) USB C to USB A cable (usb spec 3.0), this is the same length as the included video cables.  This ensures that all cables should be long enough to reach most customer PCs.

How do I upgrade my XOOT_Pro from one Kit type to another?

We are just getting our first shipment XOOT_Pros.  At this time we do not yet sell Upgrade Kits.


However, With the second manufacturing run we will order our first batch of upgrade kits.  Each kit will contain all the parts required to change the Kit type of a XOOT_Pro.

We still determining some of the details.  Such as, cables.

  • Should we include all the cables with the upgrade kit?
  • Should you be able to re-use cables from your previous kit?

This will have a big effect on price.  But then, having to track and pack a large cable inventory will rase the price of all upgrade kits.

More to come…

How can I make sure that my current desk setup is compatible with XOOT system?

Please check whether your current desk setup is compatible with a XOOT system before purchase by checking the following Desk Compatibility Guide.

How can I get XOOT_Pro spare parts?

You can buy them from our online store through accessing this link:

We do keep a stock of many spare parts not listed on the website, email is have questions.

Will XOOT_Pro work with my pen display?

We have 4 XOOT_Pro Kits for specific Wacom Cintiq screens that are intended to match only one display Model:

Cintiq Pro 24

Cintiq Pro 32

Cintiq Pro 27

Cintiq 27 QHD


Our “Generic Kit” is the MT11.  It’s for displays with VESA mounting holes (100×100 and 75×75).

We have a list of pre-qualified displays:

XenceLabs Pen Display 24

XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro

Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K)

Huion Kamvas Pro 24

Wacom Cintiq 22 HD

However, each of these displays require using modifiers to make it compatible.  (such as cable adaptors, weights, etc…)

We’ll soon be making separate product categories for each pre-qualified display.  Stay Tuned…

If your display is not on the pre-qualified list

We have a document that you can go through to check if your display is compatible:

MT11 Screen Compatibility Guide


Why should I register my XOOT_Pro?

XOOT_Pro is a new product.

Registering your XOOT_Pro (by scanning the QR code on your instruction manual) will match you to the specific arm (Serial Number, Date of Manufacturer, Kit Type, etc…)
If we detect there is a problem with a manufacturing lot, we’ll be able to contact you and let you know.

Why are the touch strips on my XOOT_Pro not working properly?

There is a quick video to test touch operation:


If there is a problem:

We have a step by step troubleshooting guide.

Where can I purchase the XOOT_Pro?

The XOOT_Pro is currently only available through our website

I can’t find my screen type of the catalog, does it mean it’s not supported?

The XOOT_Pro MT11 Kit is our generic kit intended work with a wide verity of screens.

If your screen is not listed as a pre-qualified screen, you will need to go through the MT11-Screen-Compatibility-Guide to check if it will work.

Do you have international shipping?

At the moment XOOT will handle shipping to in North America (Untied States, Canada, Mexico).

We plan on expanding to new regions (YES, We hear you Europe) but, we’re a tiny company.  If we bit off more than we can chew things will go badly.


However, if you “really want a XOOT_Pro”…

Our warehouse is located at:
4000 156th Street NE
Suite 110
Marysville, WA 98271

Here’s the Dimensions of the standard XOOT_Pro Box in cm.  LxWxH =  68x30x29
The average weight is: 17.5 kg.

We’ll keep out of the shipping process.  You will need to calculate shipping and import duties.  We’re happy to arrange pickup via your coureur but managing the import of the unit will be the responsibility of the customer.

email: with any questions.