About XOOT

XOOT pronounced \züt\ is derived from a Tlingit root verb meaning to drag or pull.


The XOOT system was invented to solve Gorilla Arm Syndrome.  This is the main reason that Apple has refused to build a touchscreen Mac.


The XOOT system was originally developed by Chris Myerchin.  It started as a part-time project, making prototypes in the garage and showing them to friends.  Given a lot of “trial and error” with an expanding audience of reviewers the main features of the XOOT system were discovered and refined.  


The design work moved out of the garage and enlisted the help of Pillar Product Design.  The XOOT system went through several more design and prototype iterations, we continually took in feedback from artists, ergonomists and industry insiders. 

The current design is manufacturing ready, the contract manufacturer is ready and the supply chain is mapped out.  All we need now is proof the market is ready for XOOT.

Truly Unique

The XOOT system design uses several novel concepts not seen in other arm systems.  To keep the product unique we’ve obtained and applied for several patents. View the XOOT system patent portfolio.

A Special Thanks to All That Have Helped!

Developing the XOOT system has taken years and multiple and generations of prototypes.  Many people have helped along the way.  They’ve contributed their knowledge, guidance and options of what a XOOT system should be and what it should do.