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A tool designed for the professional digital artists

Origin of XOOT

The lightbulb moment for XOOT happened in the pre-iPhone days.  When Chris, XOOT’s founder, had the opportunity to try out some early (iPhone-like) touch screens.  He was blown away.

From there, Chris looked at the monitor and thought: What if that were a touch screen?  He realized the ergonomic nightmare of reaching out and touching a monitor way out in front of him.

That embedded an idea in his mind: an arm to quickly switch between touch screen and monitor modes. It took years to refine the idea and develop patents.  Chris approached PC manufacturers with his solution for ergonomic issues with All-In-One PCs.  None were interested. The response he got was, “don’t call us. We’ll call you”.

They never called.

But, the mechanics of the XOOT solution worked so well that Chris was convinced that it had to be useful to someone. That’s where he found the digital artist market.

Digital Artists’ Feedback

In his second lightbulb moment, Chris reached out to every artist who would try out the first XOOT prototypes. He shipped them all across the U.S., gathered feedback, made adjustments, and tried again while slowly building an online community.  The overwhelming positive response from the reviewers convinced Chris to keep pushing his idea forward. 


And that brings us to today.

After years of design refinement and working with manufacturing partners, Chris has XOOT_Pro to the point of launching.  The investments have been made, and there is no turning back.  After a long journey, XOOT_Pro is finally becoming an actual product for sale.

About Chris,

Chris is a Computer Engineer with decades of experience working with large tech companies..

He was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska (this is where the name XOOT comes from, it’s in homage to the place and its original people).

Discover the Origin of XOOT and meet Chris, XOOT's Founder

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