About XOOT

XOOT pronounced \züt\ is derived from a Tlingit root verb meaning to drag or pull.

The XOOT system is designed for professional creators that use pen displays. 


We make moving the screen Simple, Stable and Fast.  This allows a pen display to be your primary monitor. 


Efficiently switch between tasks

while keeping your body in comfortable ergonomic postures.


See: XOOT Compared with Other Arm Systems.



Our Mission:

XOOT’s goal is to allow ALL people to easily and ergonomically interact with display surfaces.


Just imagine if the average monitor had “pen/touch” + “XOOT” capability.  It could fundamentally change how desktop computers are used. 


The technologies for pen/touch displays are readily available.  XOOT’s contribution, is solving the mechanics of quickly and effortlessly switching a screen to comfortable ergonomic modes.


The XOOT system design uses several novel concepts not seen in other arm systems.  To keep the product unique we’ve obtained and applied for several patents. View the XOOT system patent portfolio.


The XOOT was founded by me, Chris Myerchin. 


The basic idea started all the way back in the days before the iPhone.  I had the chance to try out the upcoming touchscreen technology.  I was amazed at how well it worked.  That left me staring at my computer monitor and thinking… “How do you get that screen to switch between using a mouse and keyboard and comfortably working on the screen’s surface.”


This started a long phase of tinkering with designs and researching the ergonomics of screen positioning.  The XOOT design went down a lot of wrong paths.  Slowly, with the feedback of many people: (ergonomists, PC product designers, creators using pen displays) the design narrowed in on the key features of the current XOOT system.


The base design then went through a long refinement process, build, test, redesign, repeat.  Designing a quality product on a shoe-string budget takes time.  The XOOT design is now ready.  We’ve got manufacturing and quality control systems planned out.  After years of effort, it’s close to taking flight.


Just a small sampling of some older designs is shown below:

A special shout out to Pillar Product Design.  They were key in getting the design out of the garage and into its final form.

A Special Thanks to All That Have Helped!

Developing the XOOT system has taken years and multiple and generations of prototypes.  Many people have helped along the way.  They’ve contributed their knowledge, guidance and options of what a XOOT system should be and what it should do.