Shipping Policy for XOOT_Pro products:

This page is meant to provide insight into the shipping logistics and policies of XOOT.  Our goal is to provide a great shipping experience but to keep the costs as low so we can pass the savings on to customers.

XOOT Warehouse Location:

To simplify our operations we have all our units located in a single warehouse in Washington State USA.  

On the up side, It’s close to our headquarters and allows us to directly service units if there’s a need for doing so.

On the down side, Washington State is far from centrally located for North America.  Shipping times to the east coast may take a while.

North American Shipping Options:

Free or Reduced Rate:

When your order is over $50.00 in value, you will qualify for the Free or Reduced Rate shipping.

Free Shipping:  XOOT has negotiated low shipping rates specifically for shipping XOOT_Pro Arm Boxes.  Thus, most of North America can be reached for no additional cost to the customer.  

Reduced Rate: if our shopping costs exceed $50, the customer is required to pay for the difference in shipping costs that exceeds the $50.00 limit.

Reduced rate shipping is more common to places like: Alaska, Hawaii,  Puerto Rico and certain locations in Canada and Mexico.  

  • For example, shipping a CP24 XOOT ARM to Alaska might cost $125, so the customer would only pay $75 for shipping.

The Reduced Rate shipping is automatically added to the shipping cost of the unit.

Ground Shipping

For orders that do not qualify for Free/Reduced rate shipping, Our budget shipping option is UPS Ground in the USA and Mexico.  FedEx International Ground for Canada.

However, several spare parts may be shipped via USPS if the order can fit in a standard shipping envelope (such as adhesive stickers or touch strips).

UPS Next Day Air Saver

For expedited shipping, we offer UPS Next Day Air Saver for USA.  DHL Express Worldwide – Package for Canada and Mexico.

  • This service is available without any discount or free shipping, regardless of the cart size. Customers opting for expedited shipping will bear the full cost of this service.

Shipping Outside North America:

At the moment XOOT will handle shipping in North America (Untied States, Canada, Mexico) only.

We plan on expanding to new regions (YES, We hear you Europe) but, we’re a tiny company.  If we bite off more than we can chew things will go badly.

However, if you “really want a XOOT_Pro”, you can arrange shipping and customs with your own shipping service.   

  • Our warehouse address is:
    4000 156th Street NE
    Suite 110
    Marysville, WA 98271
  • Standard XOOT_Pro box dimensions (cm):  LxWxH =  68x30x29
  • Average XOOT_Pro weight is: 17.5 kg ±0.5kg

You will need to calculate shipping and import duties.  We’re happy to arrange pickup via your shipping service but managing the import of the unit will be the responsibility of the customer.

email: with any questions.

Additional Notes:

  • When using free or reduced rate shipping options, customers may see multiple shipping methods listed at $0.00. This is normal and intended to provide flexible shipping options.
  • We continuously test and adjust our shipping rates to ensure accuracy and competitiveness.

Review and Adjustment of Shipping Rules

Please review the shipping rules outlined above. If any adjustments are needed to improve clarity or efficiency, please let us know so we can update our settings and policies accordingly. We aim to provide a seamless and transparent shipping experience for our customers.