XOOT_Pro will be at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) with Xencelabs this March at San Francisco, CA!

Visit us at the GDC to experience firsthand the Combination!

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with ergonomics features that improve your workflow and your physical health 

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XOOT System Features

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XOOT Design Principals


XOOT’s design allows you to keep your body moving and helps you avoid sitting in static positions for extended durations.

XOOT_Pro follows a predetermined path to optimize workflow and unlock multiple work modes

Weightless Movement

The arm moves weightlessly. It’s very easy to pivot the screen and switch between modes.


XOOT_Pro is constructed using heavy-duty steel. This makes for a stable arm to enhance your drawing experience.

Easy Access​

The arm is designed to pivot the display over your mouse and keyboard without having to move them out of the way.

Forward Compatibility

XOOT_Pro is designed to be upgraded. You can change the Kit used for mounting specific displays or install add-ons to customize your device.

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