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Hey guys, happy new year
The first shipment of XOOT_Pros has arrived and is sitting in the distribution warehouse outside of Seattle. Several units were taken to XOOT central and they were disassembled and fully inspected. Everything looked good.


Now the Beta Test has started.

Unfortunately, two testers have reported a manufacturing defect. These units had loose screws that caused their arm to squeak or make them hard to move.

This only affects a small number of units. We’ve come up with a solution to identify and fix these issues. There will be a bit of a delay before opening our store, but we still plan on opening the store in January.


All coupon holders and newsletter subscribers will be notified when the store opens.

New XOOT_Pro Reviews

On a more positive note we’re excited to share new reviews of the XOOT_Pro from three great artists

Behind the scenes

Making the XOOT_Pro a Reality : Trip to China

Chris, XOOT’s founder, shares his September trip to China to visit the factory where XOOT_Pros are being made.

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