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Updated after SIGGRAPH2019.

While displaying a XOOT System at SIGGRAPH, the most commonly requested feature was to have the screen rotate.

This changed our thinking from:

A feature that should be supported.


A feature that must be supported, as soon as possible.

In addition:

When it was mentioned we would soon add screen rotation, some artists were disappointed.  They did not want the feature and thought it was an unnecessary complication to the device.

With two conflicting opinions, our new plan is to add screen rotation option as a kit.  This way it’s up the artist to decide if screen rotation is a feature they will want.  We are now in the process of designing a rotation kit for the XOOT System.

The current XOOT system design does not support screen rotation but we are working on a kit to add an option of screen rotation.  

Here are some issues that come with screen rotation:
– The mechanics of attaching to the screen are being redesigned.
– Should screen tilt will be limited to prevent the back of the screen from hitting the main XOOT system arm (see below), or will it be up to the user the self determine the maximum screen rotation.  (we’ll need to do some usability testing).

– The screen must spin around its center of mass. *See below

*One of the technical challenges to overcome with screen rotation is that it should not interfere with weightless operation. (Weightless operation implies that moving the XOOT system arm is very easy). The screen will need to spin about its center of mass.  This will prevent the main XOOT arm from rising or falling depending on what angle the screen is rotated to.

The overall the issues of screen rotation look solvable by creating a kit that can be added to an existing XOOT system later.

More news will be posted on screen rotation as we make progress on the design.




  1. I truly love this feature, I believe it was the only thing missing to the XOOT system. I can’t wait to get mine!

    I just hope that delivering it to Eastern Europe will be possible!

    • While at SIGGRAPH artists from all the major Hollywood Studios (and beyond) tried the XOOT system. Almost all of them really liked it’s feel and operation. However, not having screen rotation was a deal killer for many of them.

      We took the hint… We’ve got a basic plan for the mechanics of the rotation Kits, the mechanical engineering detail work will start next week.

      Unfortunately, we don’t initially plan on shipping to Eastern Europe. Our current plan is to start with the territory of: USA, Canada, European Union (? UK). We want to expand to other countries soon but we’ve been warned to keep our territory small in the beginning.


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