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I’m happy about this patent.  It’s a simple concept with broad coverage.  This is a real distinguishing feature of the XOOT system.

The Problem:

Take for instance, the Microsoft Surface Studio.  When pulling the screen down from a monitor mode to touch mode the screen extends forward.  However, the design limits the screen from traveling too far forward, otherwise the base would topple over.

The Solution:

Anti-Topple Arms hold the base to the desk and prevent toppling, now the screen can travel farther forward.

The included picture above shows how Anti-Topple arms allow for greater range of screen movement.

Benefits Include:

  • Better Ergonomics, (touch mode) the screen should be close in, (monitor mode) the screen can be an arm’s distance away.
  • Easy operation, the screen can travel over the mouse and keyboard when changing modes.  There’s no need to juggle things around the desk to make room.
  • More desk space for the user, the footprint of the screen’s base can be narrow.
  • Clean up cables, the screen’s cables can be routed through the anti-topple arms.
  • Screen is more stable, Having the screen’s base on the desk is more stable than traditional monitor arms (e.g. Ergotron and others).  With traditional monitor arms the entire weight of the screen is supported at a single point on the back of the desk.

For more information on the XOOT system IP portfolio see: https://xoot.pro/intellectual-property/

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