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With the engineering designs being completed we’re starting durability testing.

Just like the mechanical design the electrical design went through lots of prototype revisions. Each revision whittled down the design to minimal solution that was simple and robust against failure.

Now its time to prove our designs work for the long term.

We set up a test jig with a “fake finger presser” and ran it for over 1 million cycles (this took over a week to complete). All the XOOT system electrical components worked as expected.

More testing to come…

APRIL 22, 2019:
Final circuit boards came in March 12th. They have been in test over the last 40 days (and still going). At the current rate, that’s over 5 million presses. About every 1.5 million presses we need to clean the contacts on the copper touch strips (quick rub with steel wool) otherwise things look good.

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