XOOT_Pro as a Productivity Tool

XOOT_Pro is designed for professionals who use pen displays. “Professional” implies your income is influenced by work on these screens.

Taking this into account, how can you determine if investing in a XOOT_Pro is a wise decision?


The easiest points to consider are efficiency gains:

  • working with improved comfort
  • time savings between tasks

Improved Comfort

XOOT_Pro changes the game by making the screen very easy to move while maintaining a stable drawing surface.

This allows you keep changing the screen’s location and helps to avoid burnout from working too long in static position.  This keeps you refreshed and resilient throughout the day. 

The thinking is… If you feel better you’ll work better…  This makes you more productive.

Improved Task Switching

XOOT_Pro allows you to quicky move the screen’s position to match the task.

  • You have to respond to an email…
    • Flip the screen up and start typing. 

(Remember the keyboard and mouse, are kept sitting in front of you, in their optimal ergonomic position)

  • In your email, you want clip a picture then hand write notes on it…
    • pull the screen forward, use your pen to clip and write notes
    • push the screen back
  • Your back to typing the email again.

These are small task optimizations.   

Individually they don’t count for much, but add them up throughout the day and you can get a descent number. 

What's Your Return On Investment for a XOOT_Pro?

First calculate how much XOOT_Pro will cost you?

Sample All In Cost

Retail cost:$650.00
Sample Tax (10%):$65.00
Sample Shipping:$50.00
Sample All In Cost: $765.00

That’s a Big number.

Next, How long will it take to pay off?

Now you need to estimate…

Based on your: (tasks, daily routine, common interruptions, etc.)  how would:

  • less fatigue + improved comfort = better productivity
  • fast switching between tasks = better workflow

effect your efficiency?


Try to estimate (the number of minutes per day) your productivity would improve because of XOOT_Pro.


Based on an hourly wage the graph below shows how long it will take to pay off the Sample All In Cost.

For a quick estimate of annual salary to hourly wage: (annual_salary / 2000) = hourly rate.

Number of Months to Pay Off $765.00

X(5 min) per day(10 min) per day(15 min) per day(20 min) per day(25 min) per day(30 min) per day(40 min) per day(50 min) per day(60 min) per day
$ 10/hr4623151198654
$ 15/hr311510865433
$ 20/hr23118654322
$ 25/hr1896543222
$ 30/hr1585433221
$ 35/hr1374332211
$ 40/hr1164322111
$ 45/hr1053322111
$ 50/hr953222111
Number of Months to Pay Off a XOOT_Pro

* 5 days a week, 4 weeks per month

Anything in the RED indicates more than a year to pay off a XOOT_Pro.

Anything in the GREEN indicates the XOOT_Pro is paid off in less than 6 months.

*Also note, once a XOOT_Pro is paid off it switches to generating money through productivity savings.

Here's a calculator to figure out your own case.

Repetitive Stress Injury

XOOT_Pro is not an ergonomic magic bullet.  Good ergonomics requires a proper workspace and that you be aware of your posture and monitor yourself for aches and strains.  Then to continuously take action to correct any issues.

XOOT_Pro just makes it easier to continuously take action to correct some issues.

Are repetitive stress injuries a real problem? Yes!

Since, starting XOOT public we’ve been contacted by numerous people looking for a solution to help deal with their injuries.

The cost of injury.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that a repetitive motion injury on average causes a loss 23 workdays. Most likely, the returning worker is not at 100 percent.

The unanswered questions:

  • What’s the prevalence of repetitive motion injury in the industry?
  • How effective is a XOOT_Pro at preventing such injuries?

At the time, we don’t have these answers. In future we hope to sponsor studies to get some of this data. For now, we’ve put a lot of thought into the problem and done our best to design a system that reduces the probability of people working for long periods in static postures using the same movements.

I've had this article on the back burner for a long time.  As engineer, I like it and think it has useful information. 

Marketing-wise it's Poison.  Sales are best driven by an emotional response and pulling your brain toward an analytical mode means your less likely to hit the "Buy Now" button. 


Whatever.... I still think it's useful information.


Chris Myerchin (Inventor)

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