For a more detailed view of XOOT_Pro ergonomics: Go to Here.

XOOT_Pro Ergonomic Goals

    • Make the screen very easy to move.
    • Hold the screen stable while drawing.
    • The screen follows a predictable path, allowing for fast movement.
    • The screen’s path and positions are optimized for a comfortable drawing experience.

A key element of XOOT_Pro’s usability is allowing quick changes to screen position.  This aids in keeping you comfortable while drawing. 

If stuck drawing in single position for long periods, your body fatigues.  Changing the screen position can help enhance comfort and reduce strain.

XOOT_Pro Operation Modes

Placing the screen in different locations enhances certain use cases.

Monitor Mode

XOOT_Pro is designed for traditional mouse and keyboard operation.


When switching to a drawing mode, the screen moves over the mouse and keyboard.

High Drawing Mode

Also know as Hybrid Mode, where both the keyboard and pen are used at the same time.  

The other drawing cover up the keyboard.  

Desktop Drawing Mode

The XOOT_Pro at desk level.


When half the screen is resting on the desk it adds and extra level of screen stability.

Low Drawing Mode

The XOOT_Pro pulled out and placed below desk level.


Low elevation and low screen angle make ergonomics tricky.  Good for short term use.

Other Modes

Standing Mode

Keyboard Tray 1

Keyboard Tray 2

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