Let me start off this section with an insight on the XOOT_Pro Design Philosophy.


I hate it when devices are intentionally designed to be hard to repair or modify. XOOT_Pro was designed to be easily assembled and dis-assembled. It has exposed screws, intended to be used by people that want to modify their device. My hope is that others will create addon's to enhance or extend how XOOT is used. Contact us if you need exact dimensions or hole locations for parts.

Chris Myerchin (XOOT founder)

Custom Side Panels

A very simple modification is the add your own side panels.

The default side panels on the XOOT system are nice, but…

Why not personalize them for yourself.


Slap your company’s logo on them.

Start with a Template File

Download the template file and modify it.


The sample to the right shows a side panel made with two flat layers.

Make It

If your the maker type, use some common tools:

  • Use a 3D Printer.
  • Use a Desktop CNC Mill.
  • Old School It…
    • Print a paper copy (to scale)
    • Use that as a template to cut out your own design

If you take on the task and survive, send us a picture….  We love to see what others come up with.

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