At the moment XOOT will handle shipping to in North America (Untied States, Canada, Mexico).

We plan on expanding to new regions (YES, We hear you Europe) but, we’re a tiny company.  If we bit off more than we can chew things will go badly.


However, if you “really want a XOOT_Pro”…

Our warehouse is located at:
4000 156th Street NE
Suite 110
Marysville, WA 98271

Here’s the Dimensions of the standard XOOT_Pro Box in cm.  LxWxH =  68x30x29
The average weight is: 17.5 kg.

We’ll keep out of the shipping process.  You will need to calculate shipping and import duties.  We’re happy to arrange pickup via your coureur but managing the import of the unit will be the responsibility of the customer.

email: with any questions.