The XOOT_Pro Steps to Launch. (“Launch” refers to when XOOT_Pro devices can be ordered and shipped through our store).

No dates have been added to the timeline.  There are currently too many unknow variables to accurately predict when the launch will happen.  The page is currently meant to give an idea of:

  • what’s been done
  • what’s happing now
  • what’s coming next


Our ballpark launch date guidance is: Somewhere around Spring and Summer of 2023. 

(Sorry to be so vague, I’m just tired of my predictions being wrong.)

*Done* Tooling Production

The tooling phase is where tools that make the XOOT_Pro parts are made.

This was the biggest and hardest step.  It’s now Done.

FAI (First Article Inspection) *Current State*

Sample parts made by the production tools are sent to us from the manufacturers.  We inspect the parts and identify any issues that would affect the final product.

The first round of this is done.

However, we’ve identified a few things that we want fixed before moving into production.  Fixing some of the issues involve changes to tooling so it takes a bit of time.  We are now waiting for the next round of FAI parts to arrive.  

We’ve been impressed by the overall quality of the parts.  This gives us confidence that XOOT_Pro will be made to the quality standards we’ve prescribed.


The second round of FAI parts could still have issues.

FAA (First Article Acceptance)

The manufacturer will send us three sets of each XOOT_Pro Kit type.  These will be fully production equivalent units.  We will inspect these units.  If all goes well, we accept them.   

  • We send one set of XOOT_Pro Kits back the manufacturer as “The Golden Units”.  These units are used as a reference for any production questions. 
  • Another set of units are used for our own design references. 
  • The final set of units will be used for marketing (photo / video) shoots.


  • We find issues with fit or function that will need to be addressed.


Money gets paid for to buy inventory then production starts.  We’re ordering one 40’ container of XOOT_Pro units, that’s less than 1000 devices.

Under normal conditions it should take about 30 days produce per production run.  However, there are a lot of risks at play…


  • Production will happen over Chinese new year’s. This involves working with several sub suppliers to ensure things roll along predictably, accounting for each company’s vacation schedule.  No matter what, this will have an effect on the production schedule.
  • Covid is spiking in China right now.  Beyond the human misery, this will most likely affect our supply chain.
  • This is the first time setting up the XOOT production line. I’m betting this will lead to some hick-ups.

Beta Tester Signup

After production starts, we open up signups for Beta-Testers (see below).

Beta-Testers will be the first receive XOOT_Pro deliveries and they get the largest discount ($350 USD for no cost)

Beta-Testers will be selected on a verity of criteria:

  • Willingness to participate and contribute to Beta-Testing goals
  • The screen type to use with XOOT_Pro
  • Social media exposure

Discount Coupons

Once we feel that production is running smoothly and most the risks are accounted for, we will offer limited number of Early Pre-Launch Discount Coupons (100 coupons for a $200 USD discount).

Once the early coupons are sold out, Standard Pre-Launch Discount Coupons will be available up until XOOT_Pro launches. ($100 USD discount).

Coupon Info:

  • Cost $10 USD
  • Each will have a unique code
  • Each coupon will be keyed to your email address.
  • Only one coupon is available per email address.

Coupons can be redeemed once XOOT_Pro launches.

Shipping to the Distribution Warehouse

The XOOT Container goes from the factory to the shipping port.  Then it gets put onto the next ship bound for Seattle (with a possibility of a transfers at another ports).  The container goes through customs.  Finally, the container makes it to distribution warehouse.

Once units are in the warehouse, we will spend a few days doing random inspections to look for issues.


  • Shipping hang-ups. Luckily the global shipping issues of last year are over.  However, there are other issues that can crop up.
  • Customs hang-ups. We need to get the shipment through US customs.  This should be a simple but there are a lot of horror stories when things go wrong.
  • Our random inspections may find things that require us to go through each box and address issues.

Beta Testers

This is the first production run of XOOT_Pro systems.  We’ve done a lot of testing with prototype units but to ensure a smooth general roll out the first batch of XOOT_Pro units will be sent out to a select group of Beta-Testers.  This group will:

  • Ensure that there are no hidden issues are that occur after the first few days of use.
  • Help with creating the initial entries in our upcoming XOOT website “Q and A Forum”.
  • Publish a review of their initial XOOT_Pro set-up and use experience.

We expect the Beta-Test period to run 3 weeks.


  • Beta Testers find issues that must be addressed before general XOOT shipments start.