Get the XOOT_Pro monitor arm at an unbeatable rate

As we gear up for the XOOT_Pro launch, we’re excited to officially launch our coupon system, which is designed to make your investment in XOOT_PRO even more budget-friendly.

How Does Our Coupon System Works

Our coupon system is not only a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your XOOT_PRO but also a token of our appreciation for your support.

Early Pre-Launch Coupon Period Ends Dec. 7th 2023

This is the last time Early Pre-Launch Coupons will be available for North America

Early Pre-Launch Discount Coupons

As production stabilizes, we will release a limited number of Early Pre-Launch Discount Coupons, each offering an impressive $200 USD discount on your kit. These coupons, priced at just $5 USD each, come with unique codes tied to your email address. You can redeem them once XOOT_Pro store officially opens, ensuring you secure your kit at an unbeatable price.

Standard Pre-Launch Discount Coupons

Once the early coupons are claimed, we’ll continue offering Standard Pre-Launch Discount Coupons, providing a still-substantial $100 USD discount on your XOOT_Pro order. These coupons are available up until the XOOT_PRO launch, giving you ample opportunities to save.

How to Get these Discount Coupons

Coupons will be available for purchase on the XOOT_Pro store until the coupons’ inventory runs out. These coupons will be valid starting when the XOOT store opens for North American purchases, most likely in January 2024. Once the store is open, you can redeem your coupons and enjoy significant discounts on your XOOT_Pro. It’s important to note that these coupons will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, giving you ample time to seize the opportunity for affordable mobility.

If I encounter any issues with my XOOT_PRO, how can I get support?

Email: explain your issue and include a contact phone number and times you are available for a call.   We are a tiny company and do not yet have a dedicated support team.  However, ensuring your productivity and satisfaction with XOOT_Pro is our top priority.

When will XOOT_PRO start shipping?

We expect to start shipping early January 2024.

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Is there an expiration date for my coupon?

All Pre-Launch Coupons will expire on December, 31, 2024.

How long until I get my coupon in the email ?

The coupon will be instantly sent to the email address you used in checkout when purchasing the discount coupon.