On Dec 2, 2019 to Jan 7, 2020 we ran a crowdfunding campaign (on this website).

  • We did not achieve our funding goal.
  • The crowdfunding price was $700 dollars (retail price was $803 USD).
  • We estimated it would take 6 months to deliver the units.


We are now looking for what we can change to make XOOT successful.


Help us out by filling out the survey below.


(Note, I’ve gotten complaints about errors when submitting the survey.  If you need to, submit your answers to survey@xoot.pro)

    Assuming a XOOT system price and configuration is the same as shown on the product page. Would you order a XOOT system?
    No. What I have now works OK.No. The XOOT system is too expensive.No. I don’t trust XOOT.No. My screen is not supported.YesOther

    What the top price you would be willing to spend on a XOOT system ($ USD).

    How can we gain your trust.
    I’d be more comfortable with crowdfunding on Kickstarter. (last crowdfunding was on this site)I be more comfortable if there were more reviews.I need to tryout a XOOT system before ordering.Other

    Do you think the XOOT system (at its current price) can succeed as a tool for digital artists?
    No chance of successNot likelyMaybeLikelyIt will succeed

    Is there a feature of the XOOT system that you could live without?
    Screen Rotation (screen will not spin)Kits (no way to upgrade for new screens)Anti-Topple arms (Don’t clamp XOOT the to back of the desk. Instead use a large base plate. (similar to Wacom Ergo stand))Electromagnetic braking (Don’t use touch strips and magnet brakes to lock screen. Instead add friction to make the screen harder to move.)All the above features are needed.

    Do you have any words of wisdom? What we should do next?

    If you'd like, add you email in case we have followup questions