Crowdfunding Details

XOOT is a crowdfunding project. 

Setting up manufacturing is expensive.  We’re are using crowdfunding to prove there’s a market for XOOT and to fund some of the startup expenses.


  • If we reach our crowdfunding goal (500 units), we’ll set up manufacturing (see timeline below).  It will take months to get your XOOT system.
  • If we don’t reach our goal… There is currently no Plan B, we just don’t know…


Here’s some quick points from the information below:

  • Your card is not billed unless the XOOT crowdfunding goal is reached.
  • XOOT systems should arrive at your doorstep around mid July 2020.
  • If anything does not look right before we sign contracts for manufacturing.  We’ll stop the project and refund your money.
  • Shipping is pre-paid but other taxes are not pre-paid. (Exception: for USA all fees are prepaid).

If you want a XOOT system enter your payment information.  The information is verified and securely stored using WooCommerce PreOrder service.  You are not immediately charged for the payment.  

When the crowdfunding period ends Jan 7th 2020:

  • If the crowdfunding goal is NOT reached, you are not charged and the payment is canceled. 
  • If the crowdfunding goal is reached, you are charged and the manufacturing processes begins.

The timeline goes from the end of crowdfunding till a XOOT system arrives at your address.  The dates given are only estimates based on blocks of time per given task. By our current estimate XOOT systems should arrive mid July 2020.


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The XOOT system is not a product sitting on a shelf ready to ship.  We have put our best effort into designing a quality product and showing it works.  However, the process of moving from a prototype design to a manufactured product is not without risk.


Screen Rotation is Unproven:

Concepts of the rotation design has only been tested with small scale mockups.  Manufacturing equivalent prototype hardware has been ordered.  It should be assembled and tested before crowdfunding ends.  After crowdfunding, rotation testing will continue to just before DFMA approval.  We will halt the XOOT project and refund payments if we do not feel that screen rotation is up to our standards.


Manufacturing Contracts:

The current quoted costs and timelines for manufacturing is based on detailed quotes from contract manufacturers and suppliers.  However, before contacts are sighed there is a potential for change.  If costs or timelines grow significantly prior to sighed contracts, we will halt the XOOT project and refund payments.


USA Import Tariffs:

Many XOOT system components originate in mainland China.  However, the bulk of manufacturing will be in Taiwan, thus, we reduce pricing risk in the current trade war.


Unforeseen Events:

Natural/man-made disasters, etcetera.  We will do our best to deliver your XOOT system at the estimated time and pricing.  We’ll send out regular updates on the manufacturing progress up until it gets to your door.

Shipping fees are prepaid when your XOOT system is ordered.

Once the XOOT systems have been, manufactured, passed quality inspection and are packaged.  They will be sent via ocean container to ports in Seattle and Copenhagen.  From each port city the shipments will be sent via ground delivery to your door.  The whole shipping process takes about 6 weeks.


Why such a slow delivery method?

XOOT system’s are packed in a big heavy box.  Using air shipment at any point in the process bumps the price up by hundreds of dollars.


Sample: As of November 2019, the cost to direct ship from to Taiwan to Los Angeles would be about $521 USD. (It takes only 3 days).

If you interested in direct shipment let us know, and we’ll give you a quote.

For United States customers all taxes fees are added to your order.  There are no further fees to pay.


For customers in other counties, no taxes or duties are paid in advance.  When the XOOT system arrives you are responsible for paying all associated taxes and import fees.


Import information about the XOOT System:

  • Country of Origin:  Taiwan
  • Harmonized Tariff Number: 8473.30.5000