I’ve gotten a few of these questions lately.  Such at the Cintiq Pro 16″.

My initial response was:

XOOT_Pro was designed for larger pen displays (22″ and above).  It’s big, heavy and expensive.  Why would you want to do this?

The answer I got back was:

I’m looking to get the bigger screen later.  I’ll just get an upgrade kit when I choose the larger screen.


Thant seems valid, so here is what you need to consider.


Taking the Cintiq Pro 16″ as an example.

Start by getting the Document:

Go the document library: Document Library Open MT11 Screen Compatibility Guide


Wacom Shows it has Vesa Holes OK


Will it hang down too far? Probably not, but you would have to read the doc and measure your screen to be sure.  Likely OK


The screen weighs 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg) without optional stand The lookup table in step3 of the compatibility guide…shows the weight is in the grey area… This means, after adding 2 Weight Kits to the MT11, the screen will still be a little light. Barely OK


Cables USB-C OK HDMI OK Power ???  I can’t find any information on the power cable to this screen.  Is it powered by USB?


Will the screen hit the XOOT_Pro arm when routing?  Probably not. Likely OK


Will the top of the screen be too high off the desk?  That should not be a problem. OK


So, form just information I could find in the web, it looks promising, but the power cable is unknown.


Finally, XOOT_Pro was designed to hold big heavy screens (think Cintiq Pro 32).  It a big heavy arm made with ~ 40 lbs of steel.  I’ve never tested with a screen smaller than 22″.  Even if the specs. say it works, everything will look out of scale and I’m not how it feel to operate.