Rotate the Screen.

The screen rotation feature is finished.  We’ve built and tested screen rotation for the Cintiq Pro 32 (the largest and heaviest screen we support).

  • The screen can rotate 350 degrees (There’s a stop to prevent over rotation)
  • There is an adjustment buckle to that allows you to:
    • tune the amount of friction to screen rotation
    • adjust for part wear over time

Adjust For You

There’s an adjustment  buckle that can be turned to change the amount of effort it takes to rotate the screen.


Tune screen rotation to your preference.

  • If you don’t use screen rotation, tighten it up.
  • If your always using rotation, keep it loose.

It’s up to you.

Adjust For Wear

All rotation systems can wear down over time and become loose and sloppy. 


The XOOT system’s adjustment buckle allows you to compensate for part wear.  If the screen rotation becomes too loose or sloppy, just take up the slack by turning the adjustment buckle.