Support Multiple Screens

Kits allow one XOOT system to attach to multiple screen types.

What's a Kit

A Kit is a collection parts that attach to both the screen and the XOOT arm.


Kits are needed because:

  • Many drawing screens require custom hardware to attach to them.
  • Balancing a screen for Weightless Movement requires specialized parts.

Future Proof

Updating your screen in the future? 


We’ll keep adding new Kit choices. 


Just upgrade you arm by changing its Kit.

Installing a Kit

Normally a XOOT system comes with the Kit pre-installed.


To change it:

  • We’ll sell Part Kits separately.  Instructions and YouTube videos will explain the installation procedure.


  • We plan on starting a service where: a XOOT system can be sent in, the Kit will be installed then sent back.

Beyond Kits

Height Adjustment

Each Kit has a block that goes under the XOOT arm.  The block changes the screen height above the desk.


Different height blocks can be ordered to tune your XOOT system for your needs.

10 Degree Tilt Kit

By default the screen is 90 degrees to the desk.


However, not everyone likes this configuration.  Some would rather have the screen have a slight tilt when upright. 


We plan on making Mini-Kits that only change the tilt by 10 degrees.