Make it Your Own!

The default side panels on the XOOT system are nice, but…


Why not personalize them?

Start with a Template File

Download the template file.



Modify it.



* Each panel is held in place by 4 x m4 screws.

** It’s good to test scaling by printing a paper copy before moving to 3D printing. 

3D Print

Change your art into a 3D printable file.  Then print it.


*: TinkerCad (from AutoDesk) is a simple and fee tool to go from vector graphics files to 3D printable files.


**Lookup Online 3D Printing Service for help printing the part.

Full Side

Want to cover the whole side of the arm? (including the area with the round caps)  


Have at it.


Just leave extra room for the bolts and bearings underneath.