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Parts to adapt a XenceLabs 24 the XOOT_Pro MT11 Kit


The XenceLabs 24 display has its cable connections sticking out behind the lower portion of the screen.

This is an issue for XOOT_Pro.  If the pre-installed MT11 cables were directly plugged into the XenceLabs ports, they would stick out from behind the display.  When the screen is pivoted down to desk level they would get crushed.

To avoid this, all the connecting cables go through right angle adaptors.


In addition, a 10mm spacer plate is sandwiched between the MT11 mounting plate and the screen.  This prevents the screen from scraping on the XOOT arm while it’s rotated (when the arm is pivoted to its lowest position).

NOTE:  the XenceLabs 24 was a late addition to XOOT_Pros Kit options.  The spacer plate was made quickly and may contain cosmetic defects.  This should not affect operation and the spacer mostly hidden from view once installed.


See the installation process here:

XOOT_Pro Assembly Instructions – XenceLabs24



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