MT11 Kit

A XOOT Kit for the VESA mounting standard (used by most monitors).


The Kit can adapt to VESA hole patterns of:

  • 75 mm x 75 mm
  • 100 mm x 100 mm (the most common monitor hole pattern)

Why Name It MT11?

The kit name derives from (Mount 100mm x 100mm).  Why not “VESA”?  We did not want to use a Kit name that starts with ‘V’ because ‘V’ is used for Kit version numbers. 

Screen Compatibility

Your screen must be in a proper weight range otherwise Weightless operation is not fluid and easy.


If your screen is too light, adding Weights can balance the arm.

1kg MT11-Weight Kits must be purchased separately.


The weights are screwed into to back of the MT11 Kit’s mounting plate.

MT11 Kit is designed to work with screens 24″ to 22″.  Most screens in this size range should work fine.

Use the measurements below to check if your screen will extend down too far.

*Note, it’s possible to elevate the VESA Mounting Holes by adding a larger spacer under the arm.

Spacers can be ordered separately.

The MT11 Kit has a large flat mounting plate.  A large plate is used to help keep the screen stable when drawing.

For some screens this plate may interfere with screen mounting.  Check if there are:

  • Will protrusions on the back of your screen will hit the mounting plate?
  • Will the mounting plate cover cable connections?

There’s an issue with the Huion Kamvas Pro 24(4K) screen.  It can hit the XOOT arm when rotating.  We’ve created a spacer between the screen and mounting plate to prevent this.  The spacer can be ordered separately.

Cables To Screen

The MT11 Kit comes with the following cables pre-installed in the arm:

HDMI, Ver 2.0 (4K compatible)

USB, Ver 3.1 (not for video), USA-A to USB-C

Power, 5.5 x 2.1mm Barel Jack Extension Cable

Included USB Adapter for older screens

USB Dongle, Ver 2.0, USB-C to USB-B

PreStress Pads

PreStress pads are included with the Kit. 

(Optional) The pads may be attached to the mounting plate to help stabilize and improve fit with the screen.