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How is XOOT Different?

The XOOT arm system focuses on efficient/comfortable workflow with your drawing screen.


When moving the screen easy and natural it:

  • speeds your work
  • keeps your body moving and avoids fatigue

XOOT Glides Between Positions

Standard Monitor Arms are connected by a series of joints. Each joint needs friction (Without it the screen will move away with the slightest touch).  Thus, each joint is designed to be relatively hard to move but not too hard to move.

    • They take effort to adjust
    • They don’t hold their position well when touched

The XOOT system removes friction from the design.  We can do this because we’re using an active braking system.

XOOT is Simple, Simple = Fast

Other arm systems have built in obstacles to fast operation: (friction, levers, paddles, and joints that move in an unpredictable manner).  All of these slow your ability to adjust the screen.


Adjusting a XOOT system is a simple push or pull action:

Simple movements speed up getting the screen to your desired position.

XOOT Floats Over the Desk

The XOOT system floats the screen above the mouse and keyboardThere’s no worry of the screen landing on top of them, or having to move them out of the way.


This simplifies the operation and speeds up your ability to adjust the screen.  

XOOT is Upgradable

The XOOT system was designed to be upgraded.

You can change the screen or modify selected features by installing Kits.

XOOT is Comfortable

We put a lot of thought into making the XOOT system comfortable and functional for a wide spectrum of body types.  We plan on offering additional enhancements to allow tuning a XOOT system for your individual needs.

XOOT is Solid

A wobbly screen detracts from the drawing experience.

We worked hard to make the XOOT system as stable as possible.

XOOT Spins

You asked for it, we built it.  Screen Rotation is now standard for the XOOT design. 

To animators not having screen rotation is a deal killer.  The rotation feature traces back to the 1920’s then to Disney animation desks.

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