The XOOT system is not an expensive stand that goes obsolete when a new screen model comes out.

Instead, as newer screens come into the market, we will add Kits to support them.

Kit is a collection of parts for a specific screen model.  Initially, you will order a XOOT system with the Kit pre-installed.  If you want to change to a different screen screen, you will need to order a new Kit and install it.

NOTE, even if two screen types use a the same mounting system, you will need the right Kit.

Why Do I Need a Kit?

One of the XOOT system’s key features is Weightless Operation.  This means that it’s VERY easy to move the screen.  Simply push or pull the screen along its path and it will just hang in the air where it’s placed.  The screen moves with a light touch.  Electromagnetic braking allows you to instantly lock the screen’s position.  If the braking system looses power the screen simply floats in its current position.

Designing for Weightless Operation requires some parts be customized for the screen’s weight and center of mass.   If not tuned for weightless operation the arm would naturally rise or fall instead of floating.

Traditionally Monitor Arms

Traditionally Monitor Arms are a “one size fits all” approach to supporting different screens.  Most provide a screw to adjust the force holding up the screen.  This is only an approximate force.  The screen will naturally rise up in some positions and fall down in others.

To prevent the screen from drifting up or down, monitor arms add friction to the screen’s movement.  Friction has Pros and Cons.

  • Pros: Holds the screen in place; Dampens wobbling
  • Cons: Makes the screen difficult to move around; Friction mechanisms Wear over time, and require adjustment and sometimes replacement

The XOOT system does not add any friction to the screen’s moments.  Instead the user instantly controls friction via electromagnetic braking.  A XOOT system will not require friction adjustments over time.


*Kitting details will be shared in an upcoming blog post…

**The original post was from Nov 2018, but was revised for current product plans.



    • We’ll start the crowdfunding campaign when:
      – We are confident the latest prototypes are working as expected.
      – We have a supply chain fully vetted.
      – We have a sufficient email list to support our crowdfunding goals.

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